Become an SME Broker

King Solomon, the richest man in Babylon once said, “you can get whatever you want in life, provided you help enough people get what they want first” If you have a passion to help people achieve their best, then we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about becoming an SME Broker. As an SME Broker, you will have the opportunity to earn multiple income streams and you will learn how to build a profitable business while helping other business owners build theirs.

Upon successful application you will have the opportunity to become a Certified Business Advisor undertaking the Institute of Business Advisors "Business Advisor Certification" (BAC) course.

As an SME Broker you will have access to the largest range of integrated business advisory and consultancy tools under one cloud based platform. You will have the tools to guide you through your client’s life cycle, addressing all of your client needs including:

  1. Initial Business Diagnostics
  2. Financial and KPI Reporting
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Exit and Succession Planning
  5. HR Policies and Procedures.

Imagine being able to help your business clients access non-bank funding. We all know how tough it is getting money from the banks. As a SME Broker, you will be able to help your business clients raise funds using our Strategic Growth Plan (SGP) crowd funding calculator, which (through an associated entity) has already raised approximately AUD $150M for Australian businesses without one single case of misappropriation of funds or fraudulent activity.
As an SME Broker you will make a difference to the business community and the Australian economy in general. Become an SME Broker and change your life and those of others.

At SME Brokers we believe that it’s “your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude”. To apply Click Here.
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