SME Flow

Starting a new business and growing your existing business can be daunting. There are so many compliancy and legislative requirements that it can be easy to feel lost and unsure whether you are doing everything right.

SME Flow, together with the guidance from your SME Broker, will alleviate your concerns in the HR space.

Using SME Flow, all your HR needs will be covered. You can focus your attention on the business drivers identified by you and your SME Broker, rather than HR.

Our HR automated processes cover the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment through to on-boarding, processes relevant during the employee’s employment, and termination and off-boarding at the end of employment.

SME Flow HR offering. Feature Chart.

Our HR automated solutions (powered by FlowCentric) are 100% compliant and in line with all legislative requirements in Australia.

Rest assured that with SME Flow your HR needs are covered.

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