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Selling your business is all about risk. The higher the risk, the lower the valuation and the lower the risk the higher the valuation. You can find out what your business is worth with our business valuation calculator.

Risk is derived from two indexes:

Our ValueMax application provides powerful visual graphs that explains objectives and process. It scores your business to maximise enterprise value and it scores business owners to maximise personal wealth and wellbeing. It also explains what represents an “exit ready” business and an “exit ready” owner.

Your exit success will depend on:

One of the biggest problems a business will face during this period is a lack of systems and accountability, and the absence of a coach/advisor to support the implementation of new exit & succession strategies.

Increase the value of your business and prepare an exit plan

What do we do?

  1. EDUCATION: How are businesses valued? Who buys businesses? Who pays top dollar? What are the secret drivers to improving the business value and what is your business worth at the moment? Are your staff motivated? What problems are you experiencing and what changes are you seeking?
  2. ATTRACTIVENESS INDEX: How attractive is your business to a potential buyer? This audit thoroughly reviews your business and gives you a score out of 100 and pinpoints your weaknesses.
  3. READINESS INDEX: you might be an attractive business, but if you are not ready to sell then your business value can be halved. This program pinpoints your weaknesses and strengths and gives you a score out of 100.
  4. EXIT PLAN DEVELOPMENT: We develop a clear plan to help to prepare your business for sale.
  5. REVIEW SYSTEMS & PROFITABILITY PLANS. To effectively increase the value of your business we will need to review whether the business is driving the strategic direction, the people and the organisation systems effectively.
  6. MONTHLY MONITORING AND REVIEW : Each month we will review progress and project manage the plan.

What are the task outcomes?

We leave your business with a detailed review outlining your strengths and weaknesses. This includes a detailed action plan and a monthly monitoring system which is linked to a plan to create more value.

What are the business outcomes?

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