What we do

SME Brokers are part of an international group of business advisers currently servicing in excess of 60,000 Small to Medium size Enterprisers globally. SME Brokers have access to leading edge management and development programs that are backed by leading cloud based technology solutions designed to improve business performance from startup phase all the way to exit phase.

SME Brokers achieve best practice methods for SME's through a unique practical methodology developed over many years, working and interacting with businesses around the world. This unique development of technology and content systems reinforce and maintain good management and business operational framework.

An SME Broker will introduce FOCUS, ACCOUNTABILITY and COMMITMENT through regular Advisory Board or Coaching meetings

An SME Broker is a professional business advisor determined to take your business to the next level. We just don’t give you advice, we work with you as your strategic partner, your unofficial CFO / CEO to help you fill in the gaps to make sure your business attains its true value when the time comes for you to exit the business. We have the tools, the expertise, and the attitude to make it happen for you, no matter what industry you are in. An SME Broker is a result driven individual determined to make sure you don’t go backwards. We set and monitor KPI's to ensure you achieve your desired outcome. An SME Broker is also able to assist Small to Medium Enterprisers access funding through banks and non-bank channels including CROWD SOURCE FUNDING through its unique crowd source funding platform. Talk to an SME Broker today to see how we can help you kick goals.

10 reasons to hire an SME Broker as your business advisor

  1. We tailor and execute a clear and concise business direction strategy.
  2. We improve your revenue, profit, cash-flow & business plans.
  3. We engage employees & build a high performance culture.
  4. We create company-wide accountability & KPIs.
  5. We create efficient systems in the workplace.
  6. We provide, health, safety and risk management.
  7. We help you work on the business rather than in it.
  8. We provide you with on-going support and training.
  9. We have a proven track record of unrivalled business success.
  10. We can access bank and crowd source funding.

Remember this

"What do all the best athletes have in common? They have a coach to push them to achieve their best performance. An SME Broker is your business coach to make sure your business is a success."

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